Dental Crowns for Kids in Davenport

Kids need crowns, too. That’s why we offer dental crowns just for children. Here’s how it works.

When a cavity is diagnosed or clinically visible to Dr. Brandtner he will either recommend a filling or a crown. Fillings require enough tooth structure to hold the filling in place successfully after the cavity has been removed. Baby teeth are very small and when a cavity is removed often times there is not enough tooth structure to hold a filling in place, especially on a back molar so that is when a dental crown is recommended. Our dental crowns or silver caps are made of stainless steel and withstand normal biting forces. Especially children who grind their teeth, stainless steel crowns are found to be successful with this type of wear on the teeth. Esthetically the crowns are placed on back molars that cannot be seen and allows the tooth to be repaired so the child can continue to eat and drink their favorite foods. If a tooth requires a baby root canal or pulpotomy Dr. Brandtner will also prescribe a dental crown to cover the tooth after this delicate procedure is performed.

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